I’m an internet geek and have been since 1993. I’m insatiably curious about how we experience places and why people do (and say) the things they do online.

Hi! I’m Lisa, and I live for roadtrips with my kids, an always-on internet connection, and visiting small cities. I began my tech career as a self-taught web developer, software applications trainer slash full-time faculty member, and small business technology consultant – all after I finished the coursework for my PhD. That variety of hats gave me a distinctly user-focused perspective of everyday technology and how serving customers’ needs can help achieve established business goals.

I love speaking to business groups, elected officials, and students about understanding their customers and constituents, adopting open source tech for cost savings, branding and marketing, community development (online and off), and economic development based on local small businesses and technology entrepreneurship. Please contact me for booking info and fees.

My Current Project:


MeetSuites is a project that has been rolling around in my head for a long time. I’ve definitely missed the opportunity to be first to market, but I have a few useful tricks up my sleeve, still. MeetSuites connects savvy professionals with unique and inspiring rooms and venues for meetings, classes, pop up shops, and space to create. This is my first project where I’ve managed the development from start to finish completely solo. I absolutely wanted to build it with WordPress, but it proved harder than it needed to be. So I’m going hard on MEAN stack and Ionic to produce it as a progressive web app. For updates and upcoming private beta invites, you can sign up at MeetSuites.co or follow along for the ride on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Career Highlights

PhD, Higher Education & Instructional Technology

4 years, Research + Consulting for Public Officials and Constituent Org's

8 years, Web Development + Digital Marketing Strategy

15 years, Student Counseling + Academic Advising

Dr. Lisa talking about techie things over the years…