[Places] St. Croix, 2008

A Geek Takes Pics…and Shares Them.

The last time I was one something resembling a vacation was in 2008 when I visited St. Croix for a family wedding. I didn’t get to do everything I wanted, but I was able to rent a condo with the beach right outside my door. I also found out when I got home that I was pregnant with MiniM, so as far as I’m concerned, that was a win. In high school I took a photography class as an elective, and it was the most fun I had that year. I assume because my teacher didn’t laud my natural talent, that I was pretty average. I’m ok with that. I just like taking pictures.

Every now and then over the years, I thought about continuing to learn the art of photography, but usually talked myself out of it in favor of something more practical. While I definitely could have used the skill in developing client websites, I definitely did not want to take pictures of people for a living. I do love places, spaces and buildings, however, so it’s a good thing that’s exactly MeetSuites needs.

In the next few posts I’ll share with you some of my older photos of the places I’ve been. The vast majority of these are cell phone shots, and before my PixelXL I’d never chosen a smartphone for its camera features. Whatever the actual image quality, know that each shot reminds me of the beauty I saw at that time. (The quality gets better in later posts, I promise!) In any case, to start us off, here’s St. Croix, 2008.