UX for WordPress Newbies - $37

Learn how to build WordPress websites that actually work.

This course has ended – stay tuned for what’s next!

This is a beginner’s overview of the fundamentals of user experience, specifically for professionals who are working with WordPress-based websites. Learn how to increase conversions on your website, organize information on your site so that it’s easier to use, and speed things up so Google loves you, too. This course is live-online, meaning that for each session participants meet and interact with the instructor at the same time each week. Sessions will be recorded.

There will be 3 sessions, which will cover:

What is User Experience…and Why Should I Care?

Designing for Drunk Users

Intro to WordPress CMS

Common Sources of Frustration in WP Admin

Why Your Visitors’ Device Matters

Identifying – and Removing – Hurdles for Your Customers

Planning for Success: Maximizing Conversions (Read: Increase Sales/Downloads/Signups)

Test, Baby, Test… Then Rinse & Repeat

The Metrics that Matter