OneDayWebsite: Five Years, yo!

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Women & Tech

It’s been 5 years since I first created a WordPress Immersion Workshop specifically for women business owners. Woot! After 5 years of fun, food, friends, and fabulous websites, #1DW is now Website Weekend. There’s so much jam-packed goodness that one day just isn’t enough anymore.

I can’t believe it’s been five years already since the first OneDayWebsite workshop. In 2013, I responded to the pleading of my biz besties and put alllll the advice I give on working with your WordPress website into a one-day, ask me anything, hands-on marathon class. It was a blast, and I quickly decided to do it again…and again. Since then, I’ve changed my hair a gazillion times, and remained true to my initial goal for this course.

What I wanted was the ultimate beginner workshop, where my attendees could relax and focus on their business message and learn the nuts and bolts of DIY’ing their web presence along the way. And yes, I designed the course pretty specifically for women. I teach coed software training all the time, but this workshop was designed to empower women who were typically hesitant to dissect tech tools. They suffer generally from an excessive worry about “messing things up.” However, these ladies respond very well to my coaching style of teaching, giving them all the answers to the scaffolding questions that lead to understanding. In more formal training sessions, there just isn’t time for all the questions. So I designed a class that FOCUSED on answering those questions.

And you know what? Today, almost every lady in that first class handles her isht like a pro. They may cuss like a sailor figuring out an error, but they handle it or ask for specific assistance. As I tell my participants during the cocktail party at the end of the day (oh? you didn’t know about that? you should join us next time) – you are now pretty basically equipped to be your own web designer forever. You may not CHOOSE to do that work later on, but you’re not going to get ripped off by people who assume you don’t know what they’re doing.

OneDayWebsite ultimately grew into a longer-form business retreat (Hello, BizMoon!) and shorter WordPress mechanics sessions that freed up time for more coaching opportunities during the 1DW Experience. I’m proud of all my groups, and look forward to our next session on February 23rd. You don’t know me if you didn’t think I’d find a way to be a geek about it. *grin*

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