Dr. Lisa Richardson

CEO, drlisadotco

Hi! I’m Dr. Lisa Richardson, a Community Platform Developer based in the Atlanta suburbs. In other words, I’m a touchy-feely web developer specializing in member platforms and learning management systems. Grounded by my background in adult education, user experience, and web accessibility, me and my team build communities that are delightful and inclusive by design.

“Are you really a doctor?” is a question I’m asked often. The truth? I can’t fix anything wrong with your body. But…

I do have a PhD in Higher Education Administration and Instructional Technology from The University of Southern Mississippi. There, I honed my skills in building learning systems based on adult learning theory. Along with my counseling background, I use my diverse professional experience to build the foundation for my deep and productive client relationships. This is how our team helps you get to the root of your business goals so we build successful projects together.

I look forward to meeting you! While we’ll have most of our meetings via Google Meet, if you’re in the Atlanta area, I’m happy to join you at Tipple & Rose for afternoon tea …when we have some downtime and room in the schedule – I don’t play with deadlines. Let’s chat.

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