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Soothing you with reliability, responsiveness, and real answers to your questions.​ And tea, if you visit.

Frustrated by website issues and lack of marketing content?
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drlisadotco develops content marketing and technology strategy for very small businesses and nonprofits to attract, impress, and convert their perfect prospects. That helps you win more sales and collect more donations.

We empower business owners and nonprofit leaders with one-stop online business management.

With drlisadotco, you gain a team that cheerfully does the heavy lifting behind the scenes so you always shine in the spotlight.

You relax, we handle the headaches.

Don't just exist. Be EPIC.

Enjoy this intro to the fun you can have with your content and message – courtesy of our team of geeks.

Our Brands

Dr. Lisa Richardson

Strategic Planning Consultant

Me and my team want to help you achieve that great big dream for your very small business or micro-yet-mighty nonprofit. I’m part drill instructor, part snarky geek, part counselor, all love.

Our clients tell me that just unloading their tech and marketing issues makes them feel like they’ve been rescued. That means a lot to me. I want you to feel safe and confident in the success of your business, too. If you’re being neglected by your current web team, please give us a call.

We work exclusively with very small businesses and nonprofits to help them attract and impress more of the right clients and donors. Then we focus on producing and delivering great content that keeps them engaged with you for the long term.

Let us help you make your clients, customers, and donors happy with great content and delightful, personalized experiences.