About Lisa T. Richardson, PhD

Reliability, responsiveness, and real answers to your questions.

I want to help you achieve that great big dream. I’m part drill instructor, part snarky geek, part counselor, all love.

My clients tell me that just talking to me makes them feel like they’ve been rescued. That means a lot to me. I want you to feel safe and confident in the success of your business. If you’re being neglected by your current web team, please give me a call.

I work exclusively with very small businesses and nonprofits to help them attract and impress more of the right clients and donors. 

Let me help you make your clients, customers and donors happy with great content and delightful, personalized experiences.

If you’re considering working with me, you should know that this will be a pretty close relationship. I work hands-on with you to create the business results you want while giving you an outside perspective. I’m on your team and vested in your success. In fact, I may go to your events and cheer you on when you’re getting honored, too (if you’re local). 

Most digital marketing companies don’t do that. 

Your last web developer definitely didn’t do that unless they were a relative or close friend.

If your business is more to you than just a way to make money, we’ll probably get along really well. Let’s talk.

Ready to do this thing?

You bring your vision, I'll bring the strategy and the tech tools. Let's make your empire happen.

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I teach do-it-now workshops and organize retreats on marketing strategy, automation, & tech tools for digital marketing and microbusiness management. Want me to come to your group?

Dr. Lisa wowed us with SO MUCH INFORMATION! It was so much fun and so useful, I didn't even realize how long we'd really been there.
Attendee Feedback
The Great Big Marketing Workshop for Very Small Business, February 2020