About Us

Martech & Content Strategy for Small Teams & Solopreneurs

drlisadotco is a boutique martech consulting company and your one-stop shop for managed digital marketing services. Web development and design, software selection and implementation, content strategy and production, social media management, marketing strategy, and project management – we do it all and we do it by working as part of your team.


A consistent, cohesive digital footprint optimizes customer experience and in turn, maximizes revenue. At drlisadotco, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve that with evidence-based decisionmaking, based on real data.


Our comprehensive solutions help drive user-friendly digital transformation. How? By using cognitive science, psychology, and human-computer interaction as well as our marketing and technology expertise. In short: we know what makes your customers tick and how to turn their awareness into advocacy.


When you work with us, sure, we give you the tools to optimize your marketing strategy. But we also give you the confidence to utilize them. We know tech can be daunting. (That’s why we also deliver hands-on digital marketing workshops).


Your business may be long-established or fresh but fast-growing; non-profit or just plain unsexy. No matter – we’ll help you develop your martech strategy and road map to optimize your digital presence and turn clicks into committed customers.  Whether your visibility and messaging are disjointed or non-existent, we have the remedy. Call it Day 1 digital marketing, if you like.


Are you ready to up your digital marketing game to really connect with your customers for maximum rewards? Then we’re ready to work with you. Let’s talk!