Adventures in Visual Communications with Visme [Review]

Give Visme a whirl if you find yourself wanting to make your reports more effective and attractive, but make sure you’re patient with the growing pains of the new kid on the block.

I spend most of my design time in Photoshop, or more recently, in Canva. For looking like a pro graphic artist in 5 minutes, it’s hard to beat Canva. If you actually HAVE design skill, it’s still hard to beat the ease of use and speedy delivery that Canva provides. BUT, Canva doesn’t move. There’s always a risk that someone just downloaded the exact same template that you just did.

To get away from the high risk of someone else’s content wearing the same dress as mine, I jumped at the chance to check Visme out. When I tested Visme, I was excited at the prospect of being able to produce some animated content to spice up my own and client feeds that were looking more and more like quote central. Since the software was introduced to me as an alternative to static image content – that is, Canva – I was ready to get my whiteboard video on. However, I never made it to animated greatness.

I struggled to learn the new interface switching from the two I’m used to. The resources were familiar, many of them seemed identical to what Canva offers. Visme offers many, MANY informative blog posts and tutorials. I love that there is so much dedication to onboarding new users. My disappointment is due more to my expectation of CSS3 style animations from what is essentially web-based presentation software. That means that although you can export completed projects as HTML5 (which preserves your animations), you’re still essentially working with a PowerPoint.

I think Visme is a workable alternative to Canva, especially if you are more focused on data visualization and infographics. For me, I tend to produce more composite images+text on the fly, and PowerPoint is my presentation weapon of choice. There may not be room in my arsenal for Visme right now, but I urge you to give it a whirl if you find yourself wanting to make your reports more effective and attractive.

Dr. Lisa Richardson

Dr. Lisa is the head geek behind drlisadotco. Count on her for help with content strategy, marketing automation, and websites that do more than look pretty. Grab your free tactical session and start feeling more relaxed and confident in your business.