3 Little Pigs: A Lesson in Business Planning

Are you building your business strong from the inside out – or is a influx of new business going to blow it all away? Learn how to be the smart piggie in this 1 hour lunch session. 12pm. [Free]



Snag 3 New Clients in 30 Days

Starting from scratch or need to book new clients…ASAP? Join me for (virtual) lunch and let me show you how to build your lead generation machine. 12pm. $27



Riche Content Day Party

Learn exactly what you need to showcase your unique brand of awesome and make more money in a luxe, intimate environment featuring catered lunch, brand headshots, and your new biz-besties.

Sorry, there currently no open classes.

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Plan a whole year's worth of content in one weekend!

Let’s get that social media content situation handled, shall we? Grab the planner I use myself – for free.