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Build a foundation for your growth

Do you know how your business and marketing tech tools work together to help your business profit? Sometimes just knowing what you don’t know is the catalyst to moving to bigger and better sales and revenue. 

Let’s get together and talk about your goals and the practical strategies and tools you need to get there from here.


Understand how your day-to-day workflows impact your success. Get your team and your business working smarter.

User & Customer Experience

Enhance how clients and customers feel when they interact with your brand online and in-person.


Ensure everyone has the right information at the optimal time to get their work done and your customers served.

Tech Strategy

Plan how your business can leverage tools to be more profitable today, and continue to grow into the future.

Work Process

How It Works


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Design Process

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Code Reviews

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Weekly Demos

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Connect with me directly (& less formally) via social. While I’m most often on Instagram & LinkedIn, you’ll find me nearly everywhere.
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I help family businesses of various sizes and neighborhood nonprofits get their tech strategy in order so they can turn beloved history into a bright and successful future. – Dr. Lisa

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