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An Everyday Business Tech Strategy for the Micro & Mighty

Before you spend money on tools or services, I want you to be able to understand (or prove that you have) the problem you are investing to solve. I want the history and legacy you have built to have a long future.

My goal is to work with you to establish a solid foundation to build your future on, maximize your budget, and even have some fun while we do it.

My Unique Skillset
WordPress 98%
Research & Needs Assessment 100%
Instructional Technology 95%
Software Management 98%
Teaching & Adult Learning 98%


Years Experience
Fast Facts

I represent for the Caribbean Aunties who have "made It" and are prim & proper but still buss a 'wine when their song comes on

My study area was higher education administration, with a focus on instructional technology. Specifically, online learning. I’ve spoken at international conferences on the topic.

I don’t *like* to code, but I can. I prefer to build with WordPress and focus on building solutions on top of well-designed software. Why struggle if the work’s already been done?

I’ve been a single parent for my entire entrepreneurship journey. A lot of advice about business comes from people who have a wage-earning spouse. My experience is different, and it has colored the way I make decisions both as a parent and as a business owner.

I love the stories, the action, and the art. So much so, that I started learning Japanese. As of the publishing date of this page, I’m on day 256.

The accent comes out sometimes – the Jamaican when I’m teaching or having a good time, the Bronx when 🤷🏾‍♀️

My Story

Hi! I'm Dr. Lisa

Hi! I’m Dr. Lisa Richardson (bka Dr. Lisa), and I’m on a mission to help women entrepreneurs have better relationships with their business tech. After getting let go when I went into the hospital to have my younger son – several weeks early – I was stuck. Thank God for resilience! I built my business around the knowledge in my head and my ability to Google like nobody’s business.

When I got thrown into entrepreneurship, I didn’t have savings, a job, or any idea about how to make my life happen.

I took my laptop and my innanetz and built myself a web design business. We definitely struggled, but over 12 years later, we’ve evolved into a marketing and business tech consulting firm with happy clients and a reputation I’m really proud of.

Success was definitely made more attainable by being blessed with wonderfully supportive parents and having a serious thing for research and data. 

So, what do you get when you hire me to speak at your event or teach that workshop?

You get real behavior changes.

You get to see what can happen when you stop talking yourself out of a great relationship with your tech.

You also get anime-inspired t-shirts and occasionally 80’s music.

Your business relies on core tech tools and the more you understand them, the better off your business will be.

Your marketing. Your service delivery. Your customer relationships. Your profits. All made better with a little #everydaybiztech with Dr. Lisa.

Reach out, and let’s talk tech.

Connect with me directly (& less formally) via social. While I’m most often on Instagram & LinkedIn, you’ll find me nearly everywhere.
(My TikTok journey may amuse you.)

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