drlisadotco is now Main Street MarTech

drlisadotco is now Main Street MarTech

2021 has brought with it hope and definite signs that we can start putting the challenges of 2020 behind us. It’s also bringing us big things here at drlisadotco.

Over the past 12 years, the freelance web design brand that I launched to ensure that I could work from home and take care of my children has grown and evolved into a company that serves clients throughout the United States and in a few countries around the world. 

And so, although I initially thought I would see my own name on the sides of buildings as we grew, it’s time to take on an identity that truly reflects who we are and what we do. It’s also important to my own work-life balance that our brand communicates “my website management company takes great care of us” rather than “my friend Lisa takes care of my website.”

I’m happy to introduce, Main Street Marketing Technology, LLC. I wanted a name that our current – and future – clients would see and easily recognize was for them.

As a company that connects and organizes the tech tools that bridge operations and promotion for very small, yet incredibly powerful businesses and nonprofits, it’s important that we are clear about what we do, and who we serve.

What’s Changing

  • Our website address and email addresses. On March 1, our new website at mainstreetmartech.com will go live, and our emails will be @mainstreetmartech.com.
  • Account Management. Each client will be assigned an account manager that will be your primary point of contact for questions, new projects, and concerns.
  • Support. Your first stop when there is an issue with your website or other managed services, or to request updates should be to create a Support Ticket in our new Support Center.
  • All of our services in one place. Micro & Mighty Websites and the VenuGeek directory will operate under the Main Street MarTech brand beginning in March. More information on this will be provided in the coming weeks.
  • Our social media handles. You’ll start seeing posts from @mainstmartech instead of @drlisadotco right away.

What’s NOT Changing

Our commitment to treating each and every client to our signature white glove service. I want your Account Manager to be your friend as much as I am, so go ahead and forge those relationships beyond the basic “helpdesk hello.”

We will continue to exclusively serve remote, mobile, & atHome businesses, Mom&Pop shops, neighborhood boutiques & eateries, and local nonprofits. Our passion is for local businesses to receive the advice and support they need to be strong and sustainable as they compete toe-to-toe with large companies and brands. 

We truly want to manage your tech in the background so you shine in the spotlight. Thank you for your support and for growing together with us into the next stage of our business.

Lisa Richardson, Founder & CEO
Main Street Marketing Technology, LLC.

Dr. Lisa Richardson

Dr. Lisa is the head geek at Main Street MarTech. Count on her for help with content strategy, marketing automation, and websites that do more than look pretty.