Reflections: Cigar Conversations Shoot

Reflections from behind the scenes of a mini-movie commercial and photo shoot for one of my favorite clients, Cigar Conversations lifestyle magazine.

Cigar Conversations is one of my favorite clients. This mini-movie and photo shoot was such a fun project. Several weeks of planning went into the day, and I look forward to sharing the finished products with you once they’re complete. However, I felt so energized after working with such an awesome and talented crew of professionals that I had to think back on what we did and what I learned.

I’ve always felt that my personal marketing was “muddy” because I did so many things for so many different types of clients. Even this year, I realized that my skills arsenal looks like an overachiever’s haphazard storage room, as I picked up even more fine-tuning in my web and teaching work. Then I stepped back and realized something shocking (for me, anyway) – I was best suited to those job titles I’d always quietly side-eyed when visiting consultant websites: management consultant and project manager. Oh, the gravity of the facepalm when I realized why these ninja-like professionals often can’t clearly articulate what they do for a living. The answer really is: what do you need done?

As I observed my client, our stylist, our film team, our photographers, our actress, and our venue host,carefully watching to anticipate any needs and where I could help – while documenting it all as you see below – I realized that this is what managing a project actually is like. I’d been doing it all along as I switched hats with different clients and their teams over and over from teacher to designer to coach to trainer to solutions analyst and back. I’ve had a blast doing it. So much so, that I’m planning to prove I can play with the big kids by earning a PMP certification. (Like I really need any more letters after my name.) Without further ado, I give you a quick look at my day, courtesy of Google Assistant (which I will be chatting about at the High Tea Techtogether). After you watch, join the @CigarConvo on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Dr. Lisa Richardson

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