Social Media, Content, & Reputation Management

Digital Reputation Management for Main Street Businesses & Solopreneur Brands

Building your online brand is serious business and requires serious effort. You’ve got to maintain an active presence on social media. The content you share has to be timely and tailored to your audience. You’ve got to maintain your business blog so Google keeps paying attention. Plus you’ve got to provide fun and visually appealing images so you don’t sound like a robot. Don’t forget adding video marketing to the mix!


Whew! That’s a lot of pieces to manage!


Think of drlisadotco as a property management company making sure your business’ online reputation is safe, secure, and profitable. All of our reputation management plans come with 24/7 security and technical support. Let us handle the details, so you can be awesome.

Reputation Management Plans

Fixed monthly investment in end-to-end digital marketing. Strategy planning,  campaign development, social media management, content production & distribution, design services, all customized for your unique business. Let’s talk about moving you to the next level.

  • Know-Like-Trust

  • $595mo
  • For businesses that desire steady organic growth and a consistent presence that validates their ability and expertise in serving their customers’ needs.
  • Influencer

  • $925mo
  • For solopreneur brands & businesses aggressively seeking a greater share of the conversation in their market and making an impact as a respected industry authority.
  • Thought Leader

  • $2,100mo
  • For businesses seeking immediate impact on brand awareness, executives seeking keynote opportunities, and organizations with multiple departments.