A Lavish Learning Experience for Women Building Legacies

Smart Content Strategy for People Who Aren't Content Creators

If you’re suffering from dismal sales – your ideal client probably doesn’t know you from a can of paint. Here’s how to build your brand awareness without spending your whole day trapped on your phone or in front of a camera.

Riche Content is a luxe 2 day intensive content development workshop experience for women leading B2B & nonprofit brands*. Your network is your net worth – maximize both with your new biz-besties.

*Consumer-focused brands are more than welcome, but the workshop focus will be getting the attention of business decisionmakers.

November 11-12, 2023

Registration opens September 6th!
Riche Content content marketing workshop led by Dr. Lisa Richardson

Move beyond "posting on social media" to a Strategic Content Marketing Plan

Smart Content Strategy That Grows Your Business

You are the best choice for your customer, right?
Learn how to show & prove every day.

Know Your People

Chances are, you’re speaking to the wrong market and saying the wrong things. It’s time to fix that.

Define Your Brand

Once you know who you should be talking to, you need to show them why you’re the best – consistently.


Get the Tools

Make better decisions about how you manage your marketing. Then you’ll find more time and less stress.

Close the Sale

Land the plane! Bring it all together so you can collect the revenues you want and the profit you deserve.

Can you afford to keep missing out on sales?

No? Ok. 👇🏾


What's Included?
  • The B2B Brand Authority Workbook

    We'll go through my most-requested resource for getting your best content out of your head and in front of your community.

  • My content strategy for Attracting and Closing B2B Clients

    AKA the NOT-a-Creator Guide to B2B content marketing

  • 2 Lunches with Your new BizBesties

    The working lunch that gives back! It's like free market research.

  • Tips & Opportunities I don't share anywhere else

    Like where to find value-priced tools, extra hands to make light work, and more!

Is Riche Content always in the same location?

Nope, we travel to different locations around Atlanta and beyond so our guests get an ultra-premium experience each time. Stay tuned – the next experience might be in your town next!

How much does it cost?

Riche Content pricing varies by location, but generally ranges from $200-$350.

This fee covers the various costs associated with delivering the Riche Content lavish learning experience.

Overnight stays, when available, will be priced based on our venue, and include meals.

Get the Help You Need. Claim Your Seat

Take your business to the next level with an exclusive overnight stay at our November 2023 location. Located just 40 minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, you’ll have the opportunity to escape the daily grind and immerse yourself in stunning lake views while receiving unparalleled guidance to refine your content strategy.

Our Mocktails & Content after-hours session provides the perfect intimate environment for productive and focused discussions, allowing you to return refreshed and ready to conquer any content challenge.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to enhance your business and rejuvenate your mind and soul. Overnight slots are extremely limited, so reserve now!

November 11-12, 2023

Registration opens September 6th.

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