Nonprofit Consulting

Nonprofit consulting isn’t just for big-name organizations. You make a huge impact on people’s lives. We can help you attract and impress the supporters you need to keep doing great work. From training your team to engaging volunteers and donors.

Bring a defined direction and broader perspective to your
strategic planning and program goals.

Your technology choices have more of an effect on your organization’s growth and sustainability than you think. We can help you develop strategies for choosing the best tools to accomplish your mission and keep you growing strong.

Marketing & Operations Tech Strategy

You're already wearing a ton of hats. Why juggle more tools and apps? Focus on your mission and goals while we manage the tech that powers your platform and daily operations.

Program Planning & Development

Launching a new program to serve your purpose requires careful planning so that you can prove its quality and impact to funders. Get the guidance you need to achieve your desired outcomes and goals.

Virtual Events Strategy

Even before the pandemic, more and more organizations were embracing online training, conferences, and galas. Get tailored strategies and solutions for your event goals - and your budget.

Content Strategy & Management

When communicating online, your mission is your message. Your voice needs clarity and conviction to gather the momentum you need to grow. Get the right words to promote your passion and purpose.

Leadership Retreat Facilitation

Sometimes all you need for a breakthrough is for someone outside the team to guide the discussion and keep you on track. Get a big picture perspective to prepare for your next stage.

Needs Assessment

Can you prove that the problem you wish to solve really exists? Even before you start planning, get in-depth research on the community you serve and the solutions they need.

Ready to reach more donors and volunteers that believe in your message?

Build relationships that power your mission and help you continue to make great things happen every day. Reach out now.