The Great Big Marketing Workshop for Itty Bitty

Nonprofit Powerhouses

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March 2, 2021 ~ 10am - 12pm

Does it feel like your Social Media isn't even worth it anymore?

You post and post and post, but the only comments and messages you get are from people trying to sell you followers (or porn).

You’d get a social media manager to handle it, but maybe your business partner’s nephew’s friend isn’t very reliable.

Learn the same methods that got Dr. Lisa a contract teaching a seminar for teachers in Bermuda – based entirely on a series of Tweets! 

Find out how Dr. Lisa got Honda – yes, the cars & SUVs Honda – to feature her webinar in their Twitter account while she was still teaching it.

Instead of letting another month slide away from you – find out exactly what’s missing from your content that makes you so easy to ignore!

What You'll Learn in this Marketing workshop:

Get the attention you need to make your online presence truly drive sales – and keep your customers hungry for more! You really CAN use your social channels to generate more leads and sales, but you’ve got to have a plan and work it right.

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Your Instructors

Dr. Lisa Richardson breaks down tech tools and content marketing for small businesses & local nonprofits, and Kathy Hood is the founder and CEO of the award-winning Woman University business education program. Together they bring you the knowledge you need to smash your goals – packaged in a celebration of your dreams and goals.

Dr. Lisa Richardson

Kathy Booker Hood

*Not* Another Snoozefest Zoom Webinar

Hosted on a truly Interactive event platform

You’ll even get to network with fellow business owners before, during, and after the event! After you grab your ticket, you’ll get detailed instructions.

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