White Glove Website Care Plans

You and your website deserve the same personal care and service you deliver to your clients.

It all starts with a checkup.

Just like meeting a new doctor, we need to know about your website’s history and existing conditions. The first step is to get a Website Health Check, where we investigate your website and look for things that may be out of place.

System Assessment

We review whether your core website tools have been regularly updated, and if any are dangerously out of date.

Security Assessment

We investigate the protections in effect for your site, and how much risk you are currently exposed to.

Malware Scan

We run a full scan of your site to make sure that your system is not currently under attack.

White Glove plans that take care of you - and your business.

WordPress Website Care Plans


Small Business

Forget about being an easy target. You’ve got inner strength and a powerful right hook on your side.


Small Business Performance

Beefed up security and site management for eCommerce sites, member sites, and learning networks.

Dr. Lisa's Care Plan Philosophy

Are you frustrated by all the headaches from working with your webmaster? Do minor updates to your site take weeks and cost an arm and a leg each time? Are your emails and calls going unanswered?

You deserve 24/7 support & security PLUS online business consulting.

We’ll be there for you to answer your questions and continuously enhance your site to support your business. Plus, most edits and updates are completed in just 3 days.

Don’t settle for terrible service and insecure customer data just because you need expertise you don’t have. You deserve the best.

We’ll take care of you – and your online business – at drlisadotco.