What is a Marketing Technology Officer?

by | Aug 16, 2018 | MarTech

…a holistic professional who is part strategist, part creative director, part technology leader, and part teacher.

First, let me clarify that marketing technology, aka martech, includes all the digital tools that are used to deliver your message to your market every day, as well as the software that measures, analyzes, and makes sense of the data they generate. So those social media insights, data visualizations of your customers’ buying patterns, and so on – that’s martech. It really is a bridge between the creative work of a marketing team and the technical skill to keep that work going.

A Marketing Technology Officer (or MTO) understands marketing needs and trends, while also keeping a strong hand on the capabilities and limitations of IT systems. This recently evolved role is the functional equivalent of a Chief Information Officer or Chief Technology Officer. Professionals in the role of MTO have serious skills – a lot of them have IT or software development backgrounds.

What really sets the MTO apart from your Head of IT is her inherent passion for marketing. She doesn’t think that the creative department are frivolous or entitled. She recognizes that the data she analyzes is directly related to how design, copy writing, and images make your customers feel. Likewise, she doesn’t feel that the IT department is apathetic to the needs of the marketing department. She knows that all those creative assets need to be stored in a way that’s readily accessible, and that communicating with your audience is an ever-changing landscape that servers must handle – or else.

Your team’s choice of software, how to configure and operate it, and how creatively you apply it, has become the nexus of how your company understands and influences your audience, and in turn, how your audience perceives your company. Your Marketing Technology Officer is responsible for managing – and optimizing – the whole process.

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