A Full Wellness Checkup for your Online Business Center

The best way to ensure that your business website is performing at high level is to ensure that system updates are completed promptly and installed components are protected from outside threats. If you’re not sure how things are looking under the hood of your site, a Website Health Check is your answer.

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Web Design & Development

drlisadotco's team has been building exclusively on the WordPress platform since our launch - that's 11 years, numerous websites, and countless classes under our belt.

Hack Detection & Remediation

We partner with the best security and malware removal experts in the business to pinpoint and remedy any incursions to get you back in business with minimal downtime.

Security & Hardening

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We'll make sure your digital real estate is secure with best-in-class security and 24/7 active protection.


Most frequent Website Health Check questions and answers

It’s just like going to a new doctor. You need a basic checkup to see what’s happening inside your body – both good and bad.

For clients we haven’t worked with before, and previous clients who have not had an active plan within the last 6 months, we require a Website Health Check to make sure there are no active malware attacks and that your system is up to date. That way, we can confidently protect your online business investment as promised.

That depends what your site needs. If your system is significantly out of date or currently under attack, we will recommend the appropriate solution, and your Health Check fee will be deducted from any new charges. In most cases, though, all that’s needed is a routine update and we will complete those at no additional fee.

Absolutely! We want you to know exactly what’s going on with your site, what might be needed to bring it up to date, and how our recommendations will affect your online business. The report is intentionally free of web developer and cybersecurity jargon and written in plain English.

Don’t panic, we can help! Contact us right away at 678-921-1161 and we’ll discuss your issue and how to get you back in business fast!

The Website Health Check fee is $247.