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Stop Disrespecting
Your Own Boundaries

No one will respect your boundaries until you do. Build systems that keep you sane. Create workflows that will help your business grow. Embrace your authority.

Are you still trying to prove you're worth your rates?

Unsent invoices never get paid. Stop underselling your value.

Make DND a regular part of your day.

You don't have to "earn" a break - just sit down and rest.


Years of Strategic Advising
Where I've Been Seen & Heard

Speaking + Interviews + Teaching

Content Strategy & MarTech Consulting

Guidance That
Doesn't Insult Your Intelligence

You don’t need “experts” who talk over your head, then collect your money with no results. I explain the decisions you need to make, why they’re important, and how they impact the future of your business.

Marketing is actually embedded in every aspect of your business operations but too many nonprofit leaders & small business owners just don’t get that connection. Or, they go to the other extreme and spend far too much money with no plan for $0 ROI.

The weakest link in a data security plan is the human too busy to select a strong password. Keep your assets covered and you make better tech decisions. Prevent data breaches that could cost you 5-figures or worse, your brand reputation.

To keep your business relevant and sustainable in our ever-changing world, you need to keep up with what donors and clients expect from a modern business. Give it to them on your terms.

Let’s conquer the obstacles keeping you from taking the necessary steps to become a future-ready organization.

CEO Self-Care

Bizmoon. Because you matter, too.

We all need some uninterrupted time to love on ourselves while working on the future of our empires. Bizmoon is the ultimate girls trip for nonprofit leaders and small business owners. Want an invite? Drop your email below for updates on the 2023 excursion.

The Content Retreat

Riche Content

Riche Content is a luxe 2 day intensive content development workshop experience for women leading B2B, nonprofit, and ecommerce businesses. It’s the perfect opportunity to get your marketing strategy out of stall mode and actually bringing revenue to your door. Sign up for updates and I’ll keep you posted for where we’re popping up next.

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