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I’m a front-end developer and architectural+interior+things-not-people photography enthusiast focused on universal design, structured and useful information architecture, and authentic images. Let’s talk about making your vision work (or rescuing your vision from the bad guys).

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Hello, I’m Lisa T. Richardson, PhD – aka Dr. Lisa. WordPress is my happy place, and I use it to build solutions that support and grow your business. Powerful functionality can be beautiful – and profitable. I am obsessive about security, and I’m here to help if the worst case scenario happens. Whether I’m making an off-the-shelf design uniquely yours or building you a solution from the ground up, my work is driven by your goals and your brand.

I’m currently working on the next iteration of my website, which I typically blow up and rebuild every year or so with no regard for preserving my SEO juice. In the meantime, feel free to visit The Second Chance Educational Alliance, Posh Event Boutique, Cigar Conversations, and The National Policy Alliance to see some of my recent work.

You can look forward to my WP101 and 1 Day Website classes returning this fall, as well as the addition of live support to my suite of services. That is, you won’t have to corner me in the supermarket to ask for advice, Atlanta! (Although I’ll still probably answer your questions anyway.)

I’m pretty easy to find on the web – feel free to Google me and observe my myriad hairstyle changes – or reach out to me on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Email is fastest, though: