Speaking & Training

Your (Fractional) Chief Content Officer

I speak and teach under the umbrella of content strategy, marketing operations, and building your authority. You’ll also hear me speak often about #CEOselfcare.

Short Bio

Dr. Lisa Richardson wants women founders to make better marketing & technology decisions in the ealy stages of their business. She focuses on organizations at the start-up and growth stages because their stability and success is essential to local community development. By choosing the right systems, stories, and tools, small organizations can gain traction in highly competitive industry areas right along with big players. 

With a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration specializing in Instructional Technology, Dr. Lisa uses her lengthy experience working in higher education to inform her consulting practice. Along with her team at Main Street MarTech, she guides clients through establishing an inclusive and compelling digital presence that leads to increased revenue & brand recognition.

Through workshops and speaking engagements, Dr. Lisa uses her twenty-six years of experience in teaching & technology to educate emerging leaders on marketing and operations strategy. 

Selected Speaking Topics

Content Strategy 101

Learn to identify and provide the essential information that customers need to make informed buying decisions. Discover strategies to enhance your visibility, credibility, and readiness to deliver. Go on a deep dive into using strategic content marketing for massive and lasting returns.

Gain insights on blending short-term advertising tactics for social media growth and website clicks with a well-crafted long-term content strategy. Harness the potential of research and audience feedback for successful lead generation.

Business Case for Web Accessibility

After the pandemic forced everyone online, it became glaringly apparent that the majority of websites were [still] not accessible to a great number of users with disabilities.

Learn the dangers of ignoring accessibility problems (like expensive lawsuits) and how doing the right thing can be easier, less expensive, and more profitable than you may think.

Structured Storytelling

This brand identity series for “mini” marketing teams (especially teams of one) helps lay the foundation for a successful content marketing strategy for your association, nonprofit, or small business.

Designing Inclusive Digital Events

Are you throwing big digital events that are excluding a large percentage of the population? Are you unwittingly making an entire community feel unwelcome or like they’re “bothering” your online team when they ask for accommodations?

Learn how to get it right the first time with a truly inclusive digital event strategy.

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