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Dr. Lisa Richardson wants women founders to make better business technology decisions. She focuses on organizations at the start-up and growth levels because Dr. Lisa believes deeply in their importance to local community development. By choosing to utilize the right systems and tools, small organizations can gain traction in highly competitive service areas right along with the big players. 

With a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration specializing in Instructional Technology, Dr. Lisa uses her experience working in higher education to inform her consulting practice. Along with her team at Main Street MarTech, she guides clients through establishing a comprehensive digital presence that leads to increased revenue & recognition.

Through workshops and speaking engagements, Dr. Lisa uses her twenty-six years of experience in professional development to educate emerging leaders on marketing and operations strategy. 

Selected Speaking Topics

Marketing, Operations, & Self-Care

Faith without invoices is dead - and so is
your business.

Dr. Lisa
Nope Like a Boss

Saying no to good ideas and people you respect may feel like a betrayal of your blessings - but it’s not. Learn how to say no graciously and guilt-free so you actually have time to build your empire.

Processes Make Profits

You say you have a strategy, but what you really have are random acts of marketing. Learn how to build an actual marketing plan AND sales workflow that leads to growth - and what the difference is between the two.


Whether you’re running an empire of one or managing a team, your mental and physical health are constantly challenged as you grow your organization. Learn how to build time into your schedule for yourself without feeling like a bad friend, spouse, parent, or child.

Are You the Roadblock?

Smaller organizations feel the burn of a lackluster (or nonexistent) tech strategy much faster than large companies because your daily activities are much closer to your bottom line. Get this reality check to see if you’re the real reason your team can’t build momentum that leads to bigger sales and donations.

Stalk Your Customers

Your customers are discussing the ways you can help them and be their top choice every day - but are you listening? Learn how to find and participate in your ideal customer’s conversations about their needs without resorting to methods that (should) make you feel icky.

Smash vs Snoozefest

Do you really want to host another webinar or conference with three attendees? Learn how to navigate the essential steps and timeline needed to promote and host a successful virtual conference or workshop.


Practical Skills Development

Custom workshops and additional topics are just a consultation away! Contact me.

Needs Assessment

Define your service areas and ensure your programs actually serve your mission

Google Workspace

Encourage efficient collaboration and increase your team's productivity

Digital Marketing Toolkit

Learn how to select marketing software and strategies for your online presence

Rock Your Presentations

Skillfully present your impact backed by data instead of ho-hum PowerPoints

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