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“Invoicing is an act of self-care.” – Dr. Lisa


Effective planning starts with being clear on where you are, and where you want to go.


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Hey there! I’m Dr. Lisa, a Full Stack Content Strategist and marketing ops geek obsessed with making independent business service providers and local nonprofits hardier and more successful.


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AKA Dr. Lisa

Hi! I'm Dr. Lisa Richardson

After getting let go from my education management position while I was panting through premature labor in the ER, I had a good WTF meltdown (and a healthy delivery).

Then, I dusted myself off and built myself a freelance web design business. Almost 14 years later, we’ve evolved into a digital events & content agency with happy, loyal clients and a reputation I’m really proud of.

So, what do you get when you hire me as your consultant, to speak at your event, or to teach that workshop?

You get real answers and real behavior changes.

Your organization relies on core tech tools & systems. The more you understand them, the better off your business will be.

Your marketing. Your service delivery. Your donor relationships. Your capital campaigns. 

You also get anime t-shirts and occasionally epic dance battles.

Reach out, and let’s engineer your future.

Fast Facts

Mom. Geek. Leader.

I’ve been a single parent of 2 awesome boys (now one teenager & one grown man) for my entire entrepreneurship journey. A lot of advice for women about business and financial management comes from people who have a wage-earning spouse. My experience is different (though not unique), and it has colored the way I make decisions both as a parent and as a business owner.

Yep, Dr. Lisa Richardson is ‘really a doctor.’
(PhD, Southern Miss 2011)

My study area was higher education administration, with a focus on instructional technology. Specifically, the accessibility & usability of online learning platforms. I’ve spoken at international conferences like the Online Learning Consortium on the topic and now advise edupreneurs on best practices in growing their brand authority and businesses based on how we learn.

I sit on the editorial board of the Educational Justice Journal, as well as on the board of a nonprofit dedicated to higher education for justice-impacted persons.

I love the stories, the action, and the art. Bring on the epic fight scenes and all the swoons. Also, #CaptainYami