The Road Less Traveled: Choosing Entrepreneurship

Podcast Episode, Professional Development people see life’s harsh realities and think their only choice is to accept what they get. However, many choose to take the path of entrepreneurship even when life is hard. Marline Paul of Enilram Creative discusses helping military spouses make this choice from a desire to create a better future […]

Creating Your Speaker Media Kit (or, What the heck is a one sheet?!)

Speaking at events and delivering workshops are a great way to market your services. Shameless self-promotion is essential. Here’s what to put in your speaker media kit. This post was originally written and posted July 8, 2013. Updated September 29, 2020. For consultants and motivational speakers speaking at events and delivering workshops are a great […]

How to be a One-Woman Empire or At Least Perform Like One

I don’t have an easy button, and I’m betting that you don’t, either. At least not one that actually makes life easier. What I do have are systems that support my productivity, and the ability to say no. Several of my colleagues have asked me if I ever sleep, because to them it seems like I […]