What is the Women, Business, & Tech Study?

With the Women, Business, & Tech Study we want to start providing useful information about how women entrepreneurs approach technology in their business. We’ll look at strategy, planning, and daily management, along with approaches to self-care. Tech tools are essential to the long-term success of businesses in any industry. It’s urgent that we know how to properly support our business leaders so that they continue to thrive.

The Background

I’m sure you’re aware of the state of women in tech – specifically the lack of representation in leadership roles. This leads to flawed services and myriad marketing and HR woes. Thankfully, women tech founders are creating waves of change. However, outside of tech fields, women business owners continue to struggle with funding, growth, and sustainability. Changes in tech company leadership are likely to support the success of women who lead businesses in other industries. For example, with improved insights, policies, and strategic planning.

I see this working with my own clients every day.

Women business owners – like most small business owners – tend to be experts in their fields but limited in their knowledge of the tech tools that form the foundation of their business operations. The number of women starting businesses will continue to grow. At the same time, we must pay attention to the fact that most new businesses still fail within the first 3-5 years. Capital and support are definitely major players here. However, the role of technology planning is frequently overlooked as a core factor in small business longevity and growth.

With technology being the backbone of our operations – customer management, sales, payment processing, you name it – it’s disheartening that we have no real stats on how we use our essential business tools. We can’t begin to fix the problem if we don’t understand what’s happening.

The Women, Business, & Tech Study

The survey is designed to investigate the relationship women business owners have with the tech tools they use to manage and grow their business. We look at how confident women feel using technology in their business, compared to their approaches to business practice and self-care. The data will be used to inform education, policy development, and resources for women entrepreneurs, as well as strengthening the pipeline of future women in technology and business.

The Ask

Are you a women entrepreneur, business owner, or side hustler? Support your sisters in business by taking a few minutes to complete the survey: https://bit.ly/wbtstudy.

Got questions about the WBT Study? Feel free to contact me for more information.

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