WordPress Projects for Content Managers & Virtual Assistants

How many times have you had to turn a client away because the WordPress projects they needed were outside your skillset? How did you feel about leaving that money on the table?

The information out on the web on how to learn WordPress is vast! Some of it is great for beginners and content managers, but most of it is aimed at developers and other WP professionals who are well-versed in code. Where can you get real practice for getting practice on WordPress projects with useful guidance for troubleshooting?

What kinds of WordPress Projects?

Here’s a tiny sample of the WordPress projects we’ll be building together:

  • A Designer T-Shirt Boutique
  • A Church Website with Online Sunday School/Bible Study
  • A Bed & Breakfast Website
  • A Dating Site (yes, really!)
  • A Running Club & Community

In our private community, we’ll have live sessions where you can AskMeAnything and I’ll even help you troubleshoot your work on client sites in our group chats.

Attract Higher-Priced Clients

When you can quickly spin up a new WordPress website – in ANY industry, you can work with clients who need backup tech support as well as subcontracting to boutique agencies. WordPress skills will increase your bottom line. Don’t get stuck in the YouTube learning treadmill – learn to manage WordPress sites like a power user, even if you don’t know anything about coding!

Expand Your Services

Content management is more than just the delivered product. It’s building a simple, repeatable workflow that helps you get it done over and over. As a virtual assistant or in-house content manager, your sanity depends on this. In WordPress for Content Managers, I’ll share tips and tricks for building the systems that keep you going.

Want to Be First?

This brand-spanking-new membership opens June 1. If you want to be among the first to start increasing your earning potential and hang out with me, contact me to get on the waiting list.

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