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Pricing is a touchy subject for many business owners, particularly women solopreneurs. Consultants, coaches, and creatives who make money based on their lived experiences and “intangible” expertise are particularly vulnerable. You feel guilty about charging for doing things that you enjoy. You feel good when you help people. The work is its own reward, right? WRONG.

The electric, water, and gas companies don’t want your warm fuzzies. Your kid’s school doesn’t need your gratitude. Netflix is not looking for positive wellbeing. THEY ALL WANT MONEY.

In this blunt but humorous webinar, Dr. Lisa breaks down the self-esteem issues that are keeping you underpaid, and how to push through while you’re still battling impostor syndrome. Leave with a practical do-it-right-now checklist for setting your pricing so you can not just live, but thrive.

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