Is Your Business Tech Strategy Losing You Customers?

This post started out as a rant about my poor, neglected lawn. Our house is on a busy corner of our subdivision, and we’re on a decent-sized lot. That means that almost everybody in our neighborhood sees our house several times a day. When our lawn goes uncut – we look like a big ol’ […]

WordPress Projects for Content Managers & Virtual Assistants

How many times have you had to turn a client away because the WordPress projects they needed were outside your skillset? How did you feel about leaving that money on the table? The information out on the web on how to learn WordPress is vast! Some of it is great for beginners and content managers, […]

What is the Women, Business, & Tech Study?

With the Women, Business, & Tech Study we want to start providing useful information about how women entrepreneurs approach technology in their business. We’ll look at strategy, planning, and daily management, along with approaches to self-care. Tech tools are essential to the long-term success of businesses in any industry. It’s urgent that we know how […]

Back to Work: Fail Well!

The vast majority of my colleagues both in person and in various publications will talk to you about success in business. However, I want to take this time to urge you to consider failure. Yes, I’m completely serious. You must fail in order to become truly successful. I’ll give you a moment to think on […]