Getting Ready to Market to Your Target Audience

Once you have created and defined your unique group of potential customers, it is time to engage them, establish rapport, and give them useful information that sells. It’s time to market to your target audience!

The more you know about your audience, the better you can speak to them in their voice with their preferred language and examples. The stronger your credibility and authority, the easier it is to convert them into paying customers who come back again and again.

Here’s how to market directly to your target audience:

Create Content Specifically Crafted for Your Audience

If your audience is dog owners who love spaniels, it is easier to create meaningful content that meets their specific breed’s needs, such as solving problems that are unique to or typical of spaniels. You could offer branded pet products that are feature habits or styles common to the breed and their owners. This saves both you and the customer time and money. Since your net isn’t overworked dragging every last breed into every message, these pet owners can trust that you have done your homework about the needs of their spaniel, effectively getting them to trust in your authority and buy from you.

Use Your Core Knowledge to Speak Directly to Them In Sales Copy

Online marketing is highly effective and converts if you have clear copy that speaks directly to your market. Knowing your market and creating a tribe that knows, likes, and trusts you increases your ability to write copy that they connect with and accept. When you have alignment between your voice and their ear the conversation is effortless. You don’t have to struggle to convince them to buy – you’re simply affirming their desire to do business with you. Use your knowledge of your industry and niche to speak directly to the customer in your sales copy, opt-in pages, emails, calls to action, etc.

Tap Into Their Psyche to Write Highly-Converting Emails & Social Media

We all have friends from different walks of life. We speak to our family in one voice and our business associates in another. When we get together with our personal interest groups, we likely use phrases and energy we wouldn’t in any other venue. When you know someone, you know what will draw them in because you speak the same language given the context. Knowing your audience well makes it easy to speak to them in the language they engage and understand. This makes writing emails personal and authentic. Social media posts are effortless and get the clicks and engagement that create momentum and spread the word about your business.   Reach out confidently to your audience and engage them in a way that showcases your expertise and enthusiasm for them and your business.

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